Leona Starnes

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Teaching since: 2011

Styles that inform and inspire me: I’m inspired by functional movement and alignment-based styles of yoga. I’ve taught many types of classes over the years and am currently in love with slower, more meditative practices. I think we could all take more time to slow down.

Why I teach yoga: I teach because I love learning. Teaching pushes me to continue expanding my knowledge and understanding of yoga, to continue to ask questions and be curious about what we humans are capable of. I also teach because I love being a part of the community of thoughtful inspiring yogis who share their practice with me.

Why I practice: Initially I was drawn to yoga because it felt good to move my body with my breath. I stick around because it challenges me intellectually and physically, and gives me a path on which to explore what it is to live well. I love the balance it brings to my life, and the ways it helps me show up more fully in my relationships.

What to expect from classes with me: I aim to offer a space for you to explore your own experience with patience and kindness; a space for you to connect to your own wisdom and healing power. I use techniques of movement, meditation, and breath work that balance the nervous system and let your body rest, digest and heal. I hope you leave feeling calmer and more at peace in your own skin.

When I’m not teaching you can find me: at a birth (I’m also a doula), or curled up with a cup of tea and a good book. Give me your favorite book recommendations!

Leona Teaches:

  • Mondays 7:30pm Nidra and Flow

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