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"We don't see things
as they are,
we see things
as we are."

- Anaïs Nin

What do you really, truly want?

      Do you want to....

  • Take better care of yourself?
  • Be more mindful in your day?
  • Stay on track with an exercise routine?
  • Establish nourishing sleep and rest patterns?
  • Change the way you eat or relate to food?
  • Find more balance between work and play?
  • Strengthen your mind/body connection?
  • Experience more joy, gratitude, creativity and abundance in your life?

…But you’re not sure how to see the forest from the trees?

Health coaching can get you there.

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is a holistic process that helps you discover a more balanced, healthy, joyful and fulfilling life.
In coaching, you work in partnership with your coach to clarify your vision and learn to tune-in and
listen to what you need to be your best self.
You will explore new ways of approaching your wellness by making
realistic and meaningful goals or daily habits that lead to your vision.
Through listening, asking powerful questions and
reflecting, we are there to support your process for long-term change.

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The Truth about Change

We all know change doesn't happen overnight. But what we often forget is that it’s not a linear process!
We experience roadblocks one day then experience leaps and bound the next.  Ups and downs are to be
expected and are perfectly acceptable. We are here to help you dust yourself off, learn from the experience
and get you back on track. It’s not always pretty, but we will help you navigate with the most ease and grace possible.

The process will require you to make changes and be out of your comfort-zone in the process at times.
It’s in those moments, when you get comfortable with the uncomfortable and reach for something greater,
that your biggest moments of growth can occur.  As your coach, we will be there by your side to support your journey.

The Coach Approach
When you’re coached, you’re in the driver’s seat. We help you build your confidence
so you can stay on track and be accountable to yourself and to the health
we know you are capable of achieving!

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How is coaching different than therapy?

In coaching, we look to the future to envision your best-self instead of looking to the past. We take a positive strengths based approach and see the value or “silver lining” in the situation so you can reflect, learn and move forward with your best foot forward rather than looking at what’s wrong and how to fix it. A wellness coach will not diagnose or treat mental, physical or medical health conditions in any way or aim to treat a single concern or issue. A wellness coach will, instead, through a whole person approach aim to help you recognize your strengths, values, motivators and challenges and supports you to reach your wellness goals. We do this through the process of listening and asking provocative questions and reflecting your processes back at you as a means to help you see your potential, vision and pathway towards realizing your goals. 

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