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General Information


Welcome: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our front desk to talk to our helpful Yoga Advisors. They can help find a class that is right for you. Reach us at 612-729-9549 or We offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. We aim to provide an enriching experience that inspires you.


Temperature: Classes are taught at room temperature, 75 degrees.


Alignment is emphasized to ensure safety and provide you with a solid foundation to deepen and enjoy your practice. Though at times class may be challenging, it should not be painful. If you feel sharp pain or unstable please reach out to your teacher immediately. Do not hesitate to ask us questions. We are here to safely guide and teach you.


What to wear to class: Wear comfortable clothing that allows teachers to see the alignment of your ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. Form fitting is best, but never let clothing prevent you from coming to class.

Perfumes and Scents: Breathing is an integral aspect of the practice and some students may have allergies or sensitivities to smells. Out of  respect, please do not use perfumes or heavily scented oils before attending class.


Account Login: Log into your account to register for classes, book a massage, buy passes or membership, or change/update your information. Go to the upper right corner of the home page of our website to log in, or download our app and use your same username and password. 


Pre-registration: We encourage you to pre-register and save your space in class. Please note we reserve the right to give your space to another student if you do not show up before the scheduled start of class. 

Payment Methods and Financial Mindfulness: We happily accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express because we understand their convenience. However, please be mindful that we are a small business and financial institutions are BIG business. These companies charge us thousands of dollars each year to incentivize customers to use their cards. This amounts to added operating costs to our business that many consumers are not aware of. We strive to keep our costs affordable so that yoga can be accessible for all. We have an ACH feature that allows you to pay by direct withdrawal from your checking account for membership or class/workshop fees by providing us with a voided check. Please consider these options when making your payment at our business and at other small businesses in the community!

Please be on time: If you do happen to arrive late, please wait until after we have finished chanting before coming into the studio. If you are unsure if we have finished chanting, please come in quietly and  join us. We understand there are variety of reasons to arrive late. No problem. Please be respectful when you do arrive.

If you are sick: Please stay home and honor your body, your fellow students and our teachers by not sharing your sickness with us. Drink lots of liquids, get plenty of rest and wash your hands frequently. Do a gentle practice on your own.

Chanting: We chant the Shanti Mantra at the beginning of many of the classes.
Shanti Mantra - Listen to Deva Premal chant the Shanti Mantra

The shanti mantra is typically chanted at the beginning of class and may again be chanted at the end. The mantra establishes the yoga studio as a sacred space of peace and learning and invites peace to rain down upon those who practice yoga there.

Om Saha naa vavatu
Saha nau bhunaktu
Saha viiryam karavaa vahai
Tejas vinaa vadhita mastu 
ma vidvishaa vahaihi
Om shanti shanti shanti


May we together be protected
May we together be nourished
May we work together with great energy
May our study together be brilliant and effective
May there be no disputes among us
Om peace, peace, peace.

Shanti is chanted three times at the end.  The first shanti is for peace from personal suffering, such as our own physical and mental aches and pains.  The second shanti is for peace from the suffering caused to us by other beings.  The third shanti is for peace caused by universal events that affect us all, like weather and the environment.  The three shantis also refer to physical, mental and spiritual peace.


What students are saying......


"Big River Yoga has been my choice for yoga for more than 3 years now. I really like the variety/styles of the great instructors who have always made me feel comfortable with my abilities and challenged me to grow at my pace. I will be a student here for years to come."


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